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I really can’t even begin to tell you how much I love my room! It makes me so happy. Thank god there are talented people like you.

If you are looking for someone with a great eye for design and very keen attention to detail you don’t need to search any further. Abby is blessed with both.
— H. Waldron, Westford, Massachusetts

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Fall 2017

The Junior League of Boston 2017 Designer Show House Belmont, Massachusetts. Asked to set the tone for the house and design “The Vestibule.”

I couldn’t resist letting you know how many times I walked into the front room tonight to see your work! (6 or 7) Thank you again!…You are amazing! I have told as many people as I have seen in the last few days about you.
— J. Flanagan, Lexington, Massachusetts

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North Bridge magazine

Spring 2009

Accolades for "The Salon" from the 2008 Weston Show House - sponsored by Channel 5 WCVB TV for the benefit of the Robert F. Kennedy Children’s Action Corps.

Abby….Your use of space, especially, is nothing short of brilliant. You should write a book on the subject.
— Ella Putney Carlson, Dunstable, Massachusetts

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South shore magazine

Autumn 2005

Featuring an article about our selection of kitchen countertops for a kitchen renovation.


First of all you are in great hands with Abby. She is an excellent decorator with a very good eye for furniture styles, materials, textures, color, art, etc.

I had never worked with a decorator before so honestly I was a bit apprehensive. I started by having her help me with one room, and gradually, we moved on to other rooms in the house. The more contact you have with her, and the more you discuss your likes and dislikes, style preferences, etc., she will understand how you and your family like to live and what things are important to you. What Abby does is help you organize all those aspects into a beautiful living space. She is very interested in knowing YOUR tastes and how you function on a daily basis. She welcomes your input. When choosing fabrics, the options are literally endless - it is an overwhelming task to do it right. Abby will bring you fabric samples she thinks will work for your space, and then you and her will decide on the fabric together. So she will help you simplify the process - and she has excellent taste. She is very honest in her approach to decorating. Many times I have suggested something and she has steered me in a different direction, and in the end she was right. She has a classy style and an excellent eye for proportions as well - i.e., furniture heights, chair heights, lamp heights, table dimensions, etc., and how they all fit together in a room so the room looks balanced. You walk into a room and the room feels peaceful, and it looks pleasing but you don’t know why. You and your decorator know every piece hand picked to make the room feel that way.

I have truly enjoyed working with Abby - and continue to do so.
— F. Ocampo, Lexington, Massachusetts
I first tried a ‘go it alone’ approach, visiting stores and perusing magazines, only to find myself overwhelmed by the range of choices and conflicting advice from salespeople. I then made the sensible choice of enrolling Abby’s services. The initial time we spent helping me figure out my likes and dislikes and what could fit with my lifestyle and sense of esthetics without making a fashion ‘faux pas’ was extremely useful. That made the shopping and furniture selection educational and enjoyable: I was no longer at the mercy of salespeople only interested in pushing their merchandise.

Abby’s assistance in selecting the wall paint colors resulted in a home environment which is both beautiful and soothing. The furniture is beautiful, of high quality and comfortable. In sum, Abby has helped make my townhouse into a home that I and all my guests find absolutely beautiful.
— L. Savadogo, Waltham, Massachusetts
Two years ago Abby re-did a modest bathroom and due to the fine detailing and her understanding of materials and products the resulting gem still continues to charm. Because I knew that Abby would create a beautiful and elegant space, I asked her back to design our master bedroom.

Our master bedroom is worth a design award - it’s that good. And it’s not just one thing that makes the room “sing” - it’s how it all works together...fine tuning the color palette to the point that it draws you in and you are moved by it, choosing fabrics and materials which are stand alone lovely, but all together create an inspired symphony, as I call it “Abby Magic.”

I look forward to the ritual of retiring to the quietude of the bedroom after a long day. I lower the shades and pull closed that gorgeous English imported linen drapery fabric. I’ll turn down the bed and get cozy in the niche that she created, cuddling with my throw on a wingback chair, feet propped up on the ottoman and just read or wind down. The sense of well being that I get from being in that special space is truly wonderful.
— S. Dolgin, Lexington, Massachusetts
If you are looking for someone with a great eye for design and very keen attention to detail you don’t need to search any further. Abby is blessed with both. She created a knitwear studio for my business that I couldn’t be happier with. The beauty of her plan is that she designed it by imagining that she was working in my space - she asked questions that I thought were just brilliant. She considered details that never would have crossed my mind until the shelving, closets, and tables were built and it was too late. It was questions like these that led us to a studio space that is very well organized and worker-friendly because it is so well thought out. Another key element of her design is that she thought further down the road for my business and took into consideration what my needs will be in the years to come. She even created a comfortable chair & workspace where I can sit and work in our house - so that I can be in closer proximity to our children when I need to be.

The end result is that I am very pleased with my studio - I have a good workspace, all my supplies, tools and finished products have a home, the lighting is excellent and I even have a desk area for my laptop so that I can do invoicing & ordering easily. It is a joy to be in. Martha Stewart would love this space.
— L. Cady-Fernandes, The Hole Thing, Lexington, Massachusetts Whimsical sweaters and accessories
It goes without saying that great style is the lynchpin of any successful interior design endeavor. Surprisingly enough, the same holds true when it comes to choosing the best stone work to showcase in our marketing materials. Abby’s exceptional sense of how a room should evolve into the ultimate living environment is never more evident than in her own kitchen, which we have used countless images of in our print advertising. Her unique ability to design interiors that sing and that naturally lend themselves to great photography is a rarity, and a welcome one at that.
— J. Mancini, Interior Stone, Waltham, Massachusetts
Contractors are not typical referrals for Interior Design Professionals. There are exceptions to all rules including Abby and Embellishments. Abby excels in the most important skills needed for any project to be successful. Listening and hearing to what the desired outcome should be is critical. Input for solutions and options that meet the target budget, schedule, and quality the client expects are traits Abby brings to the team.

Diligence is an understatement. Abby uses all resources to insure the result is “perfect”. Details are taken care of with concern for all involved by coordinating efficient schedules and enough time to perform tasks correctly. Embellishments is Abby and in all the right areas to compliment everyone’s efforts in renovating one room or an entire home. Add to this, Abby is one of the nicest and considerate people we get to work with in our business. I could not ask for a better team player on our projects.
— R. H. Nay, President, R.H. Nay Associates Inc. Builders & Renovators, Burlington, Massachusetts is a huge relief to know that clients I really like and respect will be in good hands.
— W. Erickson, AIA, Lexington, Massachusetts